our passion is cycling 

There is something special about cycling. The world at your feet; it provides freedom and it builds camaraderie. 

the world at your feet

Being on the bike brings you to places and locations inaccessible to many people. One moment you are flowing through the dunes, the other you are sweating away on that steep incline. Quite literally, with cycling you have the world at your feet.


The moment you feel your shoes click, your head clears. Worries about work, concerns about your family, they all tend to disappear seeing those kilometers count up. It is just you, your bike and a long stretch of road.


It doesn't matter if you ride alone or with your favourite squad. Cycling creates a bond. No other person understands the joy and the pain you experience, driven only by your will and good pair of legs. After conquering the Col de la Madeleine you will high five your fellow cyclist. Plowing away in a massive rainstorm, the oncoming cyclist will give you a slight nod in acknowledgement of the shared suffering (and joy). 

/this is what makes cycling unique

/this is what makes cycling our passion


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